Benefits of Rice Water for Hair & Face

There is much talk going on about the benefits of rice water and when I tried to look for it I find out that internet is exploded with several content about Rice Water for hair and Skin. Do you know what are the benefits of Rice Water on Hair and Skin?

You can say that for women rice water is a secret of weapon to enhance the beauty. It is important to know that ice water contain several minerals and vitamins that are beneficial for our skin and hair such as:

  • Amino Acid
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin E
  • Antioxidants
  • Minerals

Therefore, due to aforementioned properties there are remarkable benefits of Rice water on Hairs and Skin.

Rice Water for Skin – Does it give you Korean Glass Skin?

Several blogs have mentioned various scientific and chemical terminology to prove its benefits. Some says 1000 years ago ancient Japanese were using rice water for beauty and medicinal purposes.

Some exploded it as Korean beauty remedies which had been followed by famous Korean beauty pageant that let them look approximately 10 to 15 years younger than their age. By anyway they cannot fool me… 🤣🤣

I know Japanese and Korean Unhesitatingly goes under knife to achieve their looks. Yes, that’s true not all but most of them actually, you can even find several content on YouTube where they change their entire look miraculously.

They completely change whole personality of the person. Well! now it’s not limited to Korean and Japanese infact women from around the world are ready to take any step to achieve their best look.  Let’s not go that far, we should better stick on our topic.

So, I am 39 years old and just left my job out of my health and personal life concern. My skin has different patches, dark circles and it doesn’t look healthy at all. Thankfully, due to normal to healthy diet I still do not have wrinkles on my face which actually hides my age for at least 5 years younger maybe…

I guess it’s good thought to make myself happy 😊….

I concluded that I am the best candidate to verify what people has claimed about benefits of Rice water. As I am firm believer of few facts that 1000 years before there were not so much pollution and their diet was even pure and healthy….

They probably not even know about ice cream other than snowfall and KFC should probably way to heavy for them.

Considering that I do not rely on what others did in past but not to mention that we are survivors of this polluted environment, where our organic food is actually grown with chemically treated organic soils.

Benefits of rice water on skin

To begin with my experience lets first discuss about the Rice water benefits for Skin. There are several benefits of Rice water for face. I will include few of these here that I witness myself:

1- Rice Water as an Anti – Aging Agent:

Rice water contains antioxidant that helps in maintain the elasticity of Skin thus it slower the process of Anti-aging by preventing the activity of elastase (it is an enzyme that damages the elastin)

2- Rice Water for Skin Brightening:

Rice water is used in various beauty soaps and creams due to its several benefits on our Skin. One of these benefits of Rice water is Skin Brightening. It’s regular use reduces blemishes and brighten the skin.

3- Rice Water Soothes Sunburn:

Rice water soothes the Sunburn as well. Many people use it as a treatment for extreme sunburn, redness, inflammation and itchy area on Skin.

At the same time its milky starchy texture tighten and tone the skin all you need to do is that to apply rice water on your face before going to bed. Leave it whole night and wash your face with cold water in morning. Source:-

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